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Stencils & Marking Equipment

Westwind Graphics LLC BBB Business Review

When you need road stencils, alphabet and number stencils, corporate stencils, wall stencils, disabled stencils, parking lot stencils, playground stencils, athletic field stencils, military stencils, utitlty stencils and stencils to mark roads at schools, airports and other business areas! Stencils are also used to quickly and clearly label objects, vehicles and locations. We make quality reuseable stencils with a lifetime warranty... you have come to the right place!

  • Quickly mark airport taxi ways, hold areas, etc.
  • Conforms to FAA specifications (new revision FAA advisory circular AC 150/5340-1L)
  • Letters, number, dash and arrow available in each size
  • Sizes range from 3 foot height to 12 foot height
  • Lifetime warranty on 1/8" stencils

YES our FAA stencils conform to the new AC150/5340-1L revision

Airport FAA Stencils to mark taxiways
Airport FAA Stencils to mark taxiways

Road Stencils
  • Quickly mark streets, highways and parking lots
  • Manufactured to MUTCD specifications
  • Wide range of sizes for different applications
  • Lifetime warranty on 1/8" stencils

Bike Lane stencils, Railroad Crossing stencils, and much more!

4ft and 8ft Federal Road Stencils



  • VISITOR Stencil 
  • FIRE LANE Stencils
  • NO PARKING stencils
  • COMPACT stencils
  • HANDICAP stencil
  • RESERVED stencils

Federal Road and Highway Stencils
Federal Road and Highway Stencils



Gymnasium Stencils
  • Mark yard line numbers and hash marks quickly and easily
  • End Zone Letter stencils to easily paint team names
  • 3' to 6' NCAA specification sizes
  • Letters, name and end zone markings are also available
  • Lifetime warranty on 1/8" stencils
  • Basketball court and gymnasium stencils also
  • Custom logo stencils
  • Mascot stencils in stock

Athletic Field Stencils & Hash Marks
Athletic Field Stencils & Hash Marks

Playground Marking Stencils 
  • Playground stencils create fun and educate students
  • Quickly and easily mark almost any playground surface
  • Hopscotch stencils, 4-square stencils, USA Map stencil, tetherball stencil, basketball court stencils and shuffleboard game stencils
  • Custom game layouts and other maps also available
  • Lifetime warranty on 1/8" stencils

School Stencils

Bike Lane & Pedestrian Stencils

Playground Games Stencils
Playground Games Stencils

Corporate Parking Lot Stencils 
  • Quickly mark corporate parking lot
  • Large selection of company specific stencils
  • Lifetime warranty on 1/8" stencils

We make corporate parking lot stencils for the following companies:

  • Walgreens Parking Lot Stencils
  • McDonalds Parking Lot Stencils
  • Wal Mart Parking Lot Stencils

Corporate Parking Lot Stencils
Corporate Parking Lot Stencils

Mascot Stencils & Logo Stencils

  • Show your school spirit with our mascot stencils
  • Quickly mark the center of fields, bleachers, walls and more, inside & out
  • Choose from wide range of standard images in 2’-30’ sizes
  • Need something different? Send us your artwork and we will create your special mascot
  • Lifetime warranty on 1/8" stencils

Mascot Stencils & Logo Stencils
Mascot Stencils & Logo Stencils

  • ADA Stencils for marking handicap spaces
  • Safely direct traffic with large selection of arrow stencils 
  • Word stencils and common parking lot and directional word stencils 
  • Mark curbs, parking areas, RESERVED, NO PARKING
  • Lifetime warranty on 1/8" stencils

Handicap Stencils

Several sizes of handicap stencils to mark handicap spaces in parking lots. 

Parking Lot stencils
Parking Lot stencils


Stencil Tracks

Holds Letters and Numbers, 4 inch to 20 inch tall to keep them straight and neat.

Use the Stencil Track with our 1/8" thick letters and numbers to create your own wording or sets of numbers. Letters or numbers simply slide into the two, 4' long tracks and the overspray panels slide in the top and bottom.



Alphabet Stencil Kits and and Number Stencils Kits 

  • Complete alphabet stencil kit A - Z individual letters
  • Complete numbers kit 0-9  individual numbers  
  • Several sizes available
  • Letter_and_number_stencil_kits.jpg
    Alphabet, Letter and Number Stencils

    Our golf cart stencils in several styles will help identify your golf cart trail. It also helps drivers be more aware of golf carts that may cross the road making your golf course safer. 

    Golf Cart Stencil
    Golf Cart Stencil

    Marking machines and for marking roads, parking lots and gym floors
    Marking machines to paint & stripe athletic fields.

    Marking machines to paint and stripe pavement and grass
    Marking machines to paint and stripe pavement and grass

    USA Flag Stencil Kit

    This American flag stencil kit helps you paint a USA flag easily on any road, athletic field, playground or gym. 

    This is a 10' size but we can make custom sizes as well. 

    USA Flag Stencil Kit
    USA Flag Stencil Kit


    We have all kinds of arrow stencils for roads and parking lots. Many sizes of arrow stencils to paint roads and parking lots to help direct traffic and improve safety.

    Sturdy 1/8" thick acrylic can be used over and over again. Easy to clean, paint flakes off when dry. 

    Federal curved arrow stencils, straight arrow stencils, lane drop stencils, roundabout stencil kits, and more. Arrow stencil and kits.



    We have all kinds of stencils to mark pavements, floors, roads and parking lots to help direct traffic and improve safety.



    Buy your Road stencils, airport stencils, playground stencils, FAA stencils, athletic field stencils, alphabet stencils, number stencils, playground stencils, basketball court stencils and wall stencils online at Westwind Graphics.

     Westwind Graphics, LLC
    PO Box 866,  Loveland, CO 80539

    970-663-7492    800-423-7492

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